I have been drawn to the arts since childhood. I remember my mom giving me an endless supply of watercolors and paper when I was around four years old, and over subsequent years the fifteen foot hallway of our apartment in Chicago was plastered with watercolor creations. My dad, an artist and musician himself, encouraged my interest in learning the piano and then gave me no choice but to stick with it until I fell in love. I couldn’t be more grateful, because above all, it taught me to commit- and commit to my art no less.

Photography entered the picture when I was a teenager; I grew up looking at black and white World War II photos that my grandpa had painstakingly taken and preserved during his involvement in the war as a morse code operator. I was, and still am, struck by them every time I look at them. Starting with film and moving my way into the digital age, I earned my BFA in Commercial Photography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco in 2011.  I have a passion for creating impactful imagery, whether that be shooting people, places or product, or even in the post-production phase of image-making. Personally, I’ve largely been driven to photograph people, but have had quite a bit of experience shooting product in a professional setting for advertising clients. I have also had extensive experience as a retoucher, and consider photoshop an inherent part of my work.

I have had the pleasure of shooting and retouching for some great clients, both in the advertising world and privately. I look forward to new opportunities, to growth, and to making beautiful imagery.